Dirt Rich

How to Experience More Joy and Less Stress with Simple, Sustainable Living

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How Dirt Rich Began....

The Funderburks have spent 13 years developing their dream, a small sustainable farm, that produces six different income streams. Their mission revolves around teaching individuals and families to grow their own healthy food, by renting garden plots and offering a summer U-Pick Garden to the community. They also host Educational Seminars, farm tours, and have a venue for local events/parties.  In 2017, they developed a Sustainable Consulting Business to help new landowners discover the full potential of their property for sustainable living.

Formerly in corporate sales for a multimillion dollar company, Leigh spends her days managing their 15 acre farm in beautiful Franklin, TN. Olin has been in the construction business for over 30+ years and recently sold his business to spend more time on the farm, helping our community and beyond learn the value of sustainable living & farming.

By purchasing the Dirt Rich online course, you have opened the door to infinite possibilities for your sustainable journey.  Olin and Leigh will be honored for you to make them a resource from this point on, in your sustainable journey.  Simply contact them by e-mail at     stoneycreekfarmtennessee@gmail.com.

There are Six Lessons in this course:

Lesson One - Organic versus Sustainable
This lesson describes the differences between Sustainable and Organic Lifestyles.  Although Stoney Creek Farm uses numerous organic practices to grow healthy food, sustainability goes beyond that mindset and yields a better future for the Earth's resources.

Lesson Two - Locating and Launching Your Sustainable Life/Farm  
There are numerous items you must consider before buying land or choosing a property for your sustainable life and this lesson will give you the details to make that purchase successful.

Lesson Three - Buildings inside and out 
Sustainable Housing can be a more cost effective way to afford your dream life.  Pole Barns, cargo containers, straw bale and tiny houses are several options to consider when planning your sustainable life.

Lesson Four - Figuring Out Your Why  
This lesson concerns determining your passion and developing your 'mission statement' around that passion.   When you are doing work that you are passionate about, it will not seem like work...more like your purpose in life.  Once you figure out the mission, you can begin to structure income streams around the purpose of your farm.

Lesson Five - Growing Healthy Food
Healthy food starts with proper soil that contains the correct amount of nutrients for your plants to thrive.  Soil tests are important because it helps you determine the content of your soil, as well as the PH.

Lesson Six - The Health Benefits of Gardening
This lesson covers many topics such as the U-Pick Garden, Herbs, and Beneficial Insects.  Attracting Beneficial Insects to your garden, eliminates the need for pesticides.  

Course Curriculum

Lesson One - Organic versus Sustainable
Lesson 2 - Locating and Launching Your Sustainable Life/Farm
Lesson 3 - Buildings Inside and Out
Lesson 4 - Figuring Out Your Why
Lesson 5 - Growing Healthy Food
Lesson 6 - The Health Benefits of Gardening

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What does Dirt Rich mean?
1.  Freedom to live your passion and dreams through sustainable practices
2.  Making a difference in your community by sharing your knowledge and skills
3.  Leaving a legacy for future generations by wisely using resources 

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